When fashion is about style, Korean street fashion is ‘beautiful’

By Dae-Young Kim (AP) Fashion designers, fashion editors and fashion bloggers are working together to celebrate Korean fashion in an effort to help spread the world’s fashion culture.

The Global Fashion Forum, a coalition of fashion designers, editors and bloggers, has launched a campaign called “Love Korea.”

The campaign aims to spread the love of fashion by sharing photos of fashion that’s not only beautiful but also a reflection of Korean culture and heritage.

The forum has partnered with The KOMO News Network, a Korean news network, to create a video series about Korean street style.

In the video, fashionistas share images of the street fashion scene in Seoul and the surrounding area, from the most popular street fashion brands like Kim Jong Il’s Kimetto to fashion trends like Japanese streetwear, Japanese denim and Chinese denim.

The fashion-loving fans of street fashion are encouraged to visit the forum’s website, which features a gallery of pictures of the most iconic street fashion items.

The KOMOMen website also features a series of videos, including one by Korean street-fashion star Yoon Ji-hoon.

The videos are the work of Korean street art artists and fashion designers and feature the latest street fashion trends from around the world.

The Korean fashion community is also being encouraged to participate in the Global Fashion forum by joining the group.

The forum has also created a blog for its members to share their fashion knowledge and inspiration.

“As a community, we are united in being passionate about fashion, and our fashion is not only about fashion but also about the spirit of Korea,” said Jo Jung-woo, the forum director.

The group hopes to spread fashion to all corners of the world through the global forum, and to promote the beauty of Korean fashion through street art.

“We are excited to help share our beautiful style with people around the globe and help them understand that we are just as proud to dress up as we are to show our love for fashion,” said Joo Seung-hwan, one of the forum members.

The event will run from June 18-21 in Seoul.

The global forum hopes to create an awareness of the diversity of street style, and the importance of style as a global trend, said Joon Sung-kyun, the group’s head of fashion design.

“For every fashion enthusiast, we want to encourage them to take their style to the streets,” he said.