Fashion photographer Edwinian, 91, dies at home

A fashion photographer known for his images of the iconic Bikini Bottom area of the 1960s and 70s died at his home in the Bahamas on Wednesday.

Born Edwardian Robert, the 81-year-old was best known for capturing images of young bikini-clad models in the city of Nassau, a town famed for its Bikini Club scene.

His works often went viral, and he won the 1988 Oscar for best photojournalist.

He was the subject of a 1991 documentary, The Beach Boys: From Nassau to Paradise.

He also wrote about his life, including the stories behind some of his favorite photos.

Nassau Police Chief David Prentice said on Wednesday that Edwinian died of natural causes at his house in Port-au-Prince.

Prentice said Edwinian was “a very gifted photographer” who had spent his life in the community, “and we all miss him.”

He was survived by his wife, Debbie.

He is survived by two daughters, Heather and Linda, as well as a son, William.