New fashion stores open in Atlanta, Houston and Miami as ‘global warming’ crisis intensifies

New retail stores opening this spring in Atlanta and Houston are being staffed with experts who are studying global warming and what to do about it.

The Atlanta-based retail giant Target announced on Monday that it will open a new store in downtown Atlanta.

Target, which has been among the most prominent retailers to denounce climate change as a myth, is hiring an outside firm to develop a climate change strategy for the stores.

The Houston-based company J.

Crew announced on Tuesday that it is opening a new flagship store in Houston.


Crew said it has hired an outside consulting firm to evaluate how to mitigate global warming.

In addition, the Houston-headquartered store chain Macy’s announced it will hire climate change expert Michael Brune as part of its global climate change program.

Brune is an economist who has studied global warming extensively.

He also is the co-author of a book, “A New Earth: How the Future Will Look, What It Will Cost and How We Can Adapt,” which has already been translated into more than 20 languages.

Target is the largest American retailer by sales and has the most stores in the country.

Its Houston store, located at the southwest corner of downtown and the north end of Loop 1604, is the company’s largest.

Macy’s will open its first store in New York City on Monday.

In Dallas, the Texas-based retailer Fifth Third Bank announced it has opened a new branch in the Dallas area, a move it said would help improve access to its financial services, a key part of the retailer’s growth strategy.

Fifth Third said it will be a more efficient store, with a “smarter, more streamlined approach to managing customer transactions, and an expanded financial services department.”

The Atlanta area has also been adding new stores, including two in Dallas, and one each in Houston, Dallas and Austin.

In Miami, Target has announced a store opening on Thursday in Miami Beach, and a store in the neighborhood of East Miami is scheduled to open this month.

The Dallas-based Target announced that it has added a new retail location in North Dallas.

The company said the new location will offer a “fresh take on a classic concept” with a modern feel and “a more relaxed and welcoming environment.”

Target said the company will begin accepting applications for the new store by March 17, with the opening expected in the first quarter of 2021.