How to create an app that will transform fashion, fashion trends and the way people dress

With the advent of wearable tech, fashion designers are increasingly looking to take a page from designers in the past.

The trend is dubbed next in fashion and the goal is to use technology to create something new that is relevant, inspiring and fun to wear.

But with the rise of smartwatches and smart-watches with sensors and apps that can track your body and wearables that monitor your heart rate and activity, the new trend of next in style is a little different than what we have seen before.

The goal is not to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, designers and fashion houses have been pushing forward technologies that can be used to help people live better, live better for their families, live longer, and achieve more in the future.

This trend is called smartwares, and we want to learn from it to create a future where we can all live in style.