When fashion brands take over the men’s fall

The men’s fashion industry has seen its share of changes over the past year.

But in 2018, there are new players to keep an eye on.

Read moreThis fall, men’s clothing brands are launching a new wave of fall style, which includes everything from t-shirts and shorts to sweatshirts and pants.

From the latest in fleece and denim to leather, there’s something for everyone to get excited about.

Read MoreAs men continue to look for ways to look more feminine and more fashionable, there is a demand for fashion for every season.

This season alone, men are buying more than $2 billion worth of clothing, according to data from clothing retailer Anthropologie.

The latest trend in the men of the world is the trend for men’s t-shirt and shorts, which are the most popular pieces of clothing on Amazon and eBay.

The trend started in 2014 when men started wearing suits and ties on top of their t- shirts, which became more popular in the last two years.

Now, men and women alike are embracing the new look.

Some of the top trends include men’s jeans, mens coats, and men’s sweatshorts.

These styles can be worn as accessories or as a casual look, as well as in suits and jeans.

This trend will only continue to grow, as men continue looking for a new way to dress that suits their personalities and personality types.

This season, there were a total of 5.5 million t- shirt and shorts sold on Amazon, according a report from data analytics firm IDC.

This is the second consecutive year that men have sold more t-ts than women.

This year, men accounted for over half of all t-sales.

Men’s apparel sales are on the rise, according the fashion industry’s biggest retailers.

Anthropologia reported in January that men’s apparel accounted for more than 70% of all merchandise sales on Amazon.

But there are still more than 5 million t. shirts and shorts available on Amazon for men, with men accounting for more t. sales than women overall.

A men’s suit, a men’s shirt, and a mens sweatshirt are all available on the Amazon marketplace.

For more info, read our guide to the mens fashion market.

The men’s wardrobe has been changing over the last few years, but what’s keeping the trend alive?

In recent years, the men have become more interested in their looks, according Lauren Sperry, senior editor of the fashion section at the fashion website Elle.

“In terms of how they dress, what they do, how they interact with others and the way they interact socially, they’re becoming more social, more confident, and they’re also evolving in their sense of style,” she said.

“Men are also embracing the trends that are coming out of fashion and men are really becoming interested in what’s coming out in women’s fashion.”

For example, men have been using the word “ghetto” to describe their style in a recent Instagram post, according Spery.

They also tend to be more conscious of how much they wear, how much their clothing is worth, and whether they should wear a hoodie or a blazer.

Women are also beginning to look at their style differently.

In an interview with Elle, Rachel Blanche, a designer and fashion consultant, said women are increasingly turning to the Internet for inspiration, as evidenced by the recent popularity of Instagram and the trend of fashion bloggers and fashion magazines.

“Women are more accepting of their own style and less concerned about the appearance of their clothing,” she told Elle in an interview.