A photo shoot for new French fashion brand ‘L’Oréal’

A photo of a new French beauty brand’s new makeup range featuring three models dressed as women is causing a stir in the beauty community.

The L’Orée fashion brand is known for its sleek and glamorous collection of makeup and beauty products.

Its collection is inspired by the women of the French Riviera and the Caribbean, and features makeup like face powders, lipsticks, powders and concealers that mimic the skin texture of their local regions.

The new products are the product of a collaboration between L’Oreal Paris and local beauty brands L’Occitane and L’Eau.

The three models in the photo were photographed by Parisian makeup artist, Jean-Michel Rouillon, who also produced the clothing for the shoot.

Rouillon, a French-born photographer, has previously created a range of women’s cosmetics for L’Auberge de Paris and L’,Aubergé d’Avance.

He’s previously created several makeup and fashion products for L’,Occitanes L’Esports, which has been selling makeup and other beauty products since 2001.