New female designer’s line is a step toward empowering women’s bodies

We don’t often think of the fashion world as a place where gender is a matter of default.

Yet there are signs that this isn’t necessarily the case.

New female designers are taking their craft to a whole new level.

The first wave of women designers was introduced in 2013 with the arrival of fashion influencers and fashion bloggers.

The trend has since grown to include designers like Sophie Häussl, who has made headlines for her work as a fashion blogger.

While she’s been a staple of the “fashion industry,” she’s become more visible as a designer since 2013.

“I think it’s really important to talk about your body, and I think that we as designers have to talk a lot about it as well,” Hässl told Polygon.

“The beauty in a designer’s body is their individuality and what they’re able to create.”

In a way, Häessl says it’s a “fashion statement” to work in a style that doesn’t look the same as the same designer, so it’s important to have the right body type to do that.

It’s something Häsl has experienced firsthand.

“As an adolescent, I was constantly looking for a different style,” she told Polygons.

“So for me, my body type was more of an expression of my personality.”

Hässls own style has been influenced by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, and other designers who have been influenced, and it’s inspired her to design clothes that reflect that.

HäSSL says her style is inspired by the body of the current fashion generation, and she feels that her work reflects that.

“It’s definitely an era where people are trying to do different things,” Haffssl said.

“There are a lot of different shapes and sizes in the fashion industry.

So that’s something that I think is very important.

I think it shows that there is an abundance of creativity.”

A few of the designer’s pieces, including the designer-designed dresses and pants she wore for the 2016 Fashion Week, are available for pre-order through the designer store, and Haffsls is looking forward to wearing them.