How to buy a new pair of jeans for under $150

New jeans from brands like Asap Rocky and The Rocky are no longer being made in Australia because of the country’s carbon emissions.

The company behind the brands, New Wave, has told the ABC it has reduced its carbon emissions to 30 per cent below Australia’s target.

AsapRocky has also reduced its manufacturing footprint by 100 per cent, making the jeans for the brand’s range of casual casual and sporty styles.

The ABC has learned the decision to scrap production in Australia comes despite a global trend towards low-emissions clothing.

“While we continue to be committed to our Australian production partners, we have been focused on our manufacturing and distribution network here in Australia,” the company said in a statement.

New Wave Australia’s jeans, which were made by the Australian clothing company Asap Rocky, are made in Japan.

As a result, the Australian apparel company is now importing garments from Japan to make its jeans.

New wave is making clothes in China and the UK but will also be importing from China for the time being.

“The impact of this decision on our Australian manufacturing is significant and will impact our global supply chain for several months,” the statement from the company read.

The statement continued, “New Wave will continue to work with our Australian suppliers to ensure we continue making the best products for our customers, and we look forward to working with them to make the best clothes for our clients.”

While New Wave is now sourcing from China, the company has already said it is moving its Australian production to another supplier.

It is understood the move is part of the company’s restructuring plans and will affect its production capacity.

Newwave has been criticised in the past for using Chinese factories to manufacture its clothing, which is then shipped to China.

“We’ve seen this in the apparel industry for many years and we are confident that New Wave will be able to meet this challenge and make the most affordable jeans we can for our Australian clients,” New Wave’s managing director, Matt McAlpine, said in February.

New waves Australian fashion brand New Wave says it has been forced to move its Australian factory to a supplier in China after being accused of using Chinese factory for its denim production.

“In our view, the use of the Chinese factory to manufacture our denim is the wrong way to build the brand and our Australian apparel partner,” the brand said in the statement.

“This is not the first time we’ve been in this situation and we’ve already taken steps to reduce our global footprint and manufacturing footprint.”

In a statement, Asap said the move was necessary “to reduce our carbon footprint as well as to maintain our business in a low-carbon future”.

As for the jeans themselves, the brand says they are made from cotton-polyester and are made to order, and are not intended for use in Australia.

As for their Australian factory, the denim is made in the US.

The Australian Fashion Council said in March that “New wave denim is no longer made in Australian factories and its suppliers are sourcing our denim from our own Australian suppliers”.

“As a result of this change, all New Wave jeans manufactured in Australia are now sourced from our domestic supply chain,” it said in its statement.

The council added that “all New Wave denim jeans are made using high-quality materials sourced locally and responsibly, which meets Australia’s environmental and social obligations.”