What we learned from the Lakers’ trip to Houston

LOS ANGELES — After a five-game road trip, the Los Angeles Lakers are ready to get back to Houston for a game against the Houston Rockets on Sunday, but the game is not yet set.

Coach Byron Scott said the team will practice and play as much as possible on Sunday to get ready for the game.

Scott said Saturday that the Lakers will not be resting for the first time since Jan. 14 because of the game against Utah, but that they are still planning to be out there.

“You can’t be resting, you can’t get in shape.

You’re going to be on the road.

So, obviously, you’re going into the game ready to go,” Scott said.

“It’s just kind of the same mentality we’ve had this whole season.

You have to do the best you can to prepare for whatever you’re facing.”

The Lakers played at home against the Utah Jazz last season, but they missed a chance to play the Jazz.