Punk fashion meets 1950s mets fashion district

The punk fashion district of Bombay, India, is where the ‘punk’ started to take hold in the 1960s.

It is now home to many street punk bands including the local punk outfit the Zeros, who have been in the area for over 30 years. 

The Zeros have a new album coming out in December, called the ZERO EP, and the first single from the album is titled “I’m A Punk”. 

The band are one of many local punks, punk and hardcore groups that have taken to the streets of Bombay to record new material, including a new song called “I’m a Punk”.

“We started out with a bunch of songs written in our spare time, like punk, hardcore and rap songs,” said Dileep Sengupta, the group’s drummer.

“But it’s also about finding a style, finding a place, and finding inspiration.

We all just love the punk spirit.” 

The group, which started out as a local group, has since expanded to include several other bands, including the ZEROS, and their fans have even started a community band to promote the music. 

“We’ve got over 10,000 people here in the streets every week,” said Senguptas.

“That’s just the ones we’ve recorded so far.” 

As a punk band, the ZERS are also influenced by their hometown, Bombay, a city that is notorious for its hardcore punk scene, and its punk-rock music.

“Bombay is a real place where people come and just show off,” said Tapan Bhasin, a local musician who has been performing in the Zers’ live show since the early 1990s.

“It’s also the place where the punks came out and started recording music.

They also have a lot of influences from all the other groups we’ve played with.

We are very much influenced by Bombay. 

One of the members of the Zera band said that the band has never been influenced by any other music.”

Zeros’ music is a mix of rock, metal, punk, and hip-hop, and they are known for their colourful costumes. “

I think that it’s just that we are born that way.” 

Zeros’ music is a mix of rock, metal, punk, and hip-hop, and they are known for their colourful costumes. 

According to Bhasan, the band started out making records for local groups in the mid-1990s, and as they got older, they started playing more punk-based music.

“We had this idea that if we can make music that feels like a band, then we can play the streets,” he said.

“In the past, we’ve just done punk, but we have a more contemporary sound.

Now, we’re really into punk, as well.”

 The songs on the new album are written and recorded in their native Hindi, with Bhasans favourite being “Rajdha”, a song that was written for the group by his friend and fellow Zeros member Shailesh Srivastava. 

‘I am a Punk’ is set to be released on January 16. Read more: