When women in Kerala will have their own styles

The Kerala government is set to introduce an overhaul of the fashion industry in the state.

Under the new rules, all clothing will be made in Kerala, except for those made in the country, in a bid to reduce the reliance on imported garments and the high cost of production.

The move is likely to be welcomed by fashionistas, who have long complained that India’s style is largely based on a male-dominated culture.

“We can’t blame the women who work in fashion for their lack of choice.

I have grown up in the city and am comfortable with it,” said Pankaj, a designer who works at the Fashion Institute of Kerala in the district.

“But for us, the trend of the past few years is to go for basics and to wear casual clothes.

I prefer the old days.

In Kerala, the clothing is all about the style.

It has nothing to do with gender or religion,” he said.

But for some, the changes are a step backwards.

“The new rules won’t improve the situation for women,” said Pratap Kaviraj, president of the Kerala Women’s Association, a women’s rights organisation.

“It is also not the fashion world’s fault that there is no clothing for the average woman, but we want the fashion designers to change.

The state government should set up an advisory committee to look into these matters and ensure that it does not become a backward and sexist culture,” he added.

Kerala is known for its colourful clothing, but it is not known for fashion as a whole.

It is the only state in India that doesn’t have its own fashion season.

It also doesn’t see itself as a fashion capital, and even fewer people buy clothes there than in other states, making it difficult for fashion to gain traction.

The biggest fashion brands, including Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and Louis Vuitton, are based in the coastal city of Kandy, which is home to the country’s biggest fashion market.

But fashion in Kerala is not an export industry and is largely dominated by local shops and stalls.

A survey by the Indian Fashion Council last year said women in the southern state were only expected to make up 20 percent of all fashion models.

It added that the biggest brands in the region were the biggest in Kerala.