This is how to buy bitcoin and altcoins on Cryptsy

You can buy bitcoin or altcoins with Cryptsy, the popular bitcoin and bitcoin cash exchange.

Here’s how to use it.

You can also buy bitcoin with cash, which is a different way to spend the digital currency.

You can use cash to pay for goods and services, such as a movie ticket or a coffee.

You don’t have to wait for cash transactions to clear, as Cryptsy allows you to deposit funds in exchange for a crypto-currency, such a bitcoin or a cryptocurrency.

Cryptsy allows people to send and receive money in bitcoin or bitcoin cash, but the exchange is only for trading bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

You must first purchase them using your bank’s digital wallet.

To buy bitcoin, you can either go to a Cryptsy wallet or use the app.

The app also offers bitcoin options for businesses.

You don’t need to have a bank account to buy, so there are no fees associated with the use of the service.

It’s not yet clear if the platform will expand to other currencies, such altcoins.

That is up to the exchange, but it’s already available in China.