When it comes to Japanese street fashion , hip-hop is still king

Hip-hop in Japan is still the big thing and still in the game, but a recent report from the Wall Street Journal has made it clear that Japanese streetwear is still one of the most popular styles.

The WSJ notes that hip-hopper shops in Tokyo, the biggest city in Japan, have seen a jump in sales of fashion items over the past year, with the trend of the “faux-y” looking streetwear that resembles Japanese pop culture becoming more popular.

According to the WSJ, a new trend in streetwear has come to be known as “fakku,” or Japanese street art.

A fakku is typically a piece that features an abstract and abstract style, often with a combination of images and lines, as well as a motif.

There are two main types of fakkus: street art and pop art.

These styles are all about the originality and the uniqueness, rather than the usual style of traditional Japanese street design.

Pop art is more about the pop culture and the culture itself than the visual aspects.

Pop artists usually include artists from different ethnic backgrounds and sometimes they also include artists who have collaborated on designs.