What you need to know about the women who’ve made fashion history

On Friday, fashion magazine Vogue published a profile of the three women behind the brand that includes their first-ever photo shoot, a piece that featured models posing with the brand’s iconic “L” logo.

While the magazine’s cover story focuses on the women, it’s not the first time we’ve seen these three women’s work.

In the first installment of this series, we highlighted a handful of iconic pieces by these women.

Today, we’ll take a look at the three most iconic pieces of the womens wardrobe: the iconic “Darling Girl” coat, the original “Womens” suit, and the iconic red tie.

The “Dancing Man” jacket is the quintessential womens silhouette.

The first ever women’s jacket made the iconic silhouette, with a soft and cozy fit that was also a perfect match for a dapper, well-cut man.

A classic “D” jacket was the original design for the iconic dress, but the brand never used the word “Dance,” opting instead to simply call it a dress.

Today’s “Dancer” dress was first released in 1929 and made its debut in 1936.

The dress, which was also worn by fashion icons Marilyn Monroe, Dolores Umbridge, and Betty Grable, was the first dress made of wool and silk.

In addition to its original wool and silks, the dress was also made of a variety of fabrics including silk and linen, making it one of the most durable of all time.

Today it is worn by both men and women, and it is often paired with a red tie or a blue or white shirt.

The original “Dae Dae” jacket worn by the original womens “Dancers” in 1929 was a red, brocade, and white jacket that was designed by Louis Gossett.

In 1930, the brand released the “Daggetts” line of clothing, which included a jacket made of the same fabric and a jacket that looked more like a long coat.

The red tie of the original Daggetts was worn by some of the top names in fashion history including Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenberg, and Marilyn Monroe.

The jacket is still worn today by women in a variety, from “Gossip Girl” stars to movie stars.

In 2018, “The New York Doll” star Kate Upton wore a red-and-white, one-piece version of the dress to a charity benefit concert in honor of Alzheimer’s patients.

The design was inspired by the doll of her mother’s grandmother, which she wore to a “Gossett’s” charity event in 1935.

Today we can see a new, updated version of this jacket in the hands of Kim Kardashian, who is a fashion icon in her own right.

In 2017, Kardashian wore a new version of her “Dagger” jacket, which is a red dress with a gold lining and a white cuffs.

It features a corseted waist and a lace bodice.

In 2015, Kardashian’s “Kiss My Dab” jacket featured a “Kensington” design that was inspired in part by the classic, but not limited to, “Dress of Honor” dress she wore at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

In 2016, Kardashian modeled a black and white, one piece version of a dress inspired by one of her favorite dresses from her childhood, the “Lemmings” dress.

The designers behind the dress said that they wanted the look to have an “authentic look, but also timeless, because the dress is one of our favorite memories of her life.”

Today, many women are embracing the “Cape Cod” look.

In a video posted on Instagram by the designer Doreen Soto, a woman can be seen wearing a Cape Cod-inspired jacket, a skirt, and black leggings.

In May, Kardashian went on to wear a white, high-waisted “C” dress in an interview with Marie Claire, in which she spoke about wearing the dress in “authenticity.”

Kardashian also recently released a new jacket with a white dress and black skirt.

The new look has also been popular with celebrities.

In June, Kendall Jenner wore a white and black “Kendall” jacket to an event in New York City.

In September, Kim Kardashian wore the jacket in a video for “Hannibal,” which she directed.

In December, the actress wore the same jacket in an Instagram video for a new song, “Konnichiwa,” which is about a girl named Konnie, who wears the same style of jacket as Kardashian.

In April, Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner wore the “Kochman” jacket in Paris, where she wore it on the red carpet.

Today the “Bae” (bae) look is in fashion, and some celebs are opting to incorporate it into their own looks.

“Baggy Bae” has become a popular look for