Fashion school graduates are in demand in the US

Fashion school grads are in high demand in some states, with demand exceeding the supply of graduates, the fashion education group said Wednesday.

The demand for fashion students has been growing as more schools are accepting applicants in recent years, said Nick Sullivan, senior vice president for marketing and public affairs at the National Association of Fashion Schools.

Sullivan said demand for graduates of more than one school is a concern.

“If we don’t keep pace with demand, we will see more students go into the industry than we see graduates of any one school,” he said.

More than 80 percent of the schools participating in the survey were in the top 20 states, according to the report, which polled more than 2,400 high school graduates from more than 20 states.

While demand for students has grown, the demand for the supply is declining.

Sullivan pointed to the lack of supply as a concern for schools in need of graduates.

He said demand is rising in the private sector, where demand is greater.

“We are seeing a lot of students go to college for business school and a lot going to business school for law school,” Sullivan said.

“The trend for more and more business schools is to look at the supply and not demand.”

The National Association for Fashion Schools is a nonprofit association representing more than 7,000 schools, colleges and universities in the U.S. The group is headquartered in Boston.

The Association is part of the National Council of Fashion Colleges, which includes all 50 states.