Which are the women who inspired 80s fashion?

When the 1980s came around, fashion was at its peak.

The decade saw a surge in popularity, with fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren’s Calvin Klein, all of whom worked for the label.

But when the 1970s rolled around, the popularity of fashion dropped and the fashion world lost some of its excitement.

And with the 1980’s, the decade that brought us all the big names in fashion, we were left wondering who the women whose designs we admired were.

What were they, exactly?

The women who were inspiring the style of the decade?

The ones we looked up to, the ones we respected?

There were so many women, but the ones that really stood out to us were the ones who wore what they wanted.

That’s where we found out who we were.

We wanted to find out who the woman who looked good, who made you feel confident, who could wear what she wanted and had style.

We started by combing through vintage magazines and magazines from the 1980′s to look for women that were influential to the fashion industry.

From the 1920s to the 1940s, we combed through a number of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Harper and Row and Vogue.

We then asked women if they had ever worn what they were wearing, and what they had worn, to find women who we felt would be a perfect match for us.

Then we asked them how they liked wearing the outfit.

This was where we made our research, and it was this process of asking the women if we wanted to buy their style.

What we were looking for was something that was totally authentic, not something that they were doing that was off-the-wall.

That means they were not just copying other women.

They had to be different, and the look they had to give would be completely unique.

And so we did this, and we found some incredible, amazing women, and they were all doing it their own way.

When we started to research these women, we found that most of them were not looking for the big, glamorous, fashion magazines that are filled with the latest trends and trends.

They were looking to create a beautiful, beautiful outfit that they would wear to a dinner party.

They wanted something that could go with any outfit, and if they wanted something a little more classic, they could go for something a bit more formal.

They weren’t looking for that glamour that comes with being a model.

The look they were trying to create had to go with their personality, and their style and what was on their mind.

The women that we looked at were all wearing the exact same outfits that were in their collections, but different.

So we started with those women.

Then it was up to us to pick the ones and we narrowed it down to a handful.

We got to know the women in the fashion house, and asked them what they thought of the outfits they were creating.

We found out that they wanted to do something that matched their personality.

They didn’t want to be a model, they wanted their own style, they needed to look their best.

So it was our job to get to know these women.

And we did.

They’re all the kind of people that you would love to work with, and one of the coolest things about this group of women is that they have a very unique sense of style and a really good sense of personality.

It was really fun to be able to talk to them about the things that they liked, the things they didn’t like, the ways they were going to dress themselves, and why they were dressing what they did.

We were able to find people that could bring that authentic feeling to their wardrobe, and that really struck a chord.

It really resonated with us.

The fact that they all had that authentic style was what we really wanted to get behind.

So, what was it about these women that made them such a hit?

First of all, they were very different than the other women in our group.

For us, we wanted them to have that authentic, fun style.

That was what attracted us to them.

They all had their own distinct styles and their own personalities.

So they had that real quality that we were interested in.

They also all had great personalities.

We knew that if we had a group of girls who all had this personality, they would be more popular than other women because they all felt very authentic.

This makes sense, because it’s the way that we felt we were part of a larger group, and there was this sense of belonging that we had.

So if we were going after women who had these unique personalities, we thought it would be fun to get a group that had that authenticity.

What was it like working with these women?

It was a blast, and I can’t say enough good things about them.

It’s the most fun I’ve