How to find the hottest fashion trend in 90s fashion

Gyaru is back in fashion, and the trend has taken her to the streets.

The fashion brand was founded in 1999 by two Canadian women, and it has since grown to become one of the biggest fashion brands in the country.

The company says it’s got its sights set on bigger things, including a new location in the city of Ottawa.

“We wanted to build Gyaru and the Ottawa fashion scene because we believe in creating a community,” says Kelly Smith, Gyaru’s vice president of marketing.

“We wanted it to be the best it could be.

We have our sights set a bit higher and a lot of the brands in our category are expanding into cities like Ottawa.””

It’s a new place for Gyaru,” Smith says, adding that the brand is looking forward to opening its first store in the Ottawa area this fall.

Gyaru has also opened its first Canadian store in Edmonton in the past year, and its newest store will open in Montreal in the fall.

The brand was started by two women, Kaitlyn Dutson and Jennifer Dutsey, and has grown to be one of Canada’s largest fashion brands.

It now has four stores in Canada, and Smith says it has been selling its clothes at the stores since 2003.

“It has always been a lifestyle brand.

We are focused on building Gyaru into a lifestyle company,” she says.

The company says that it has more than a million square feet of space in its Ottawa and Montreal stores, and that it plans to open more locations across Canada.

Gyarus fashion range includes a collection of womens wear, as well as the women’s wear, babywear, men’s and womens shoes, and children’s apparel.

“Gyaru is a unique brand,” says Smith.

“It’s not just about clothing, it’s about creating a lifestyle.

It’s about bringing in people that will be part of Gyaru.

We want people to be part.

Gyarus clothing line is about bringing together the people that you know, the people you know and love, the ones you’ve been with for years.”

Gyaru was founded by two female Canadian women in 1999, and in 2015 it launched its first location in Ottawa.

Its first store opened in Ottawa in 2002.

The brand says it now has more, and more stores to go in Ottawa and in Montreal.

The store is located at 200 Queen Street West.