The fashion sketches that were the highlight of India’s fashion week

The fashion week was a big deal this year.

It was the first time since the second edition of the festival that the fashion and lifestyle magazines had been allowed to participate in the event.

And the biggest news of the week was the fashion of the season.

While the biggest trend in the Indian fashion world is the trend for the new era of feminine wear, fashion magazine fashion was the standout in the fashion week.

Fashion sketches are a way of getting into the minds of the consumers and making the point of the story.

Fashion is a big part of the lifestyle, says Aditya Baliga, editor-in-chief of Vogue India.

This year, the magazine took the initiative of creating an annual fashion showcase called Fashion Nights.

Fashion Nights was meant to be a big showcase for the brand and the fashion editors of V&A.

The event featured a series of sketches, where the models wore a particular garment from the top to the bottom, or in the opposite direction.

Fashion designers like V&am and L’Oréal showcased their latest releases on stage.

Fashion nights were so popular that a brand like the V&AM made a big show of introducing the event as an annual tradition.

“The reason for the event is the theme, to celebrate the spirit of fashion,” says Baliga.

“In the past, when there were fashion nights, people would gather in the mall, and people would wear their favorite fashion, and it was very fashionable.

But nowadays, we want to show the spirit in fashion.

So, we wanted to bring back that tradition.”

In 2016, V&ams annual Fashion Nights held at the Mall of Asia was a success, drawing over 3,000 people.

The next year, fashion editors and fashion designers were invited to attend the event again.

This time around, the event was bigger, with over 3 million people expected to attend.

In 2017, the fashion show for Fashion Nights 2018 will take place in the Mall in New Delhi, the capital of India.

The organisers are expecting around 50,000 attendees, with around 15,000 models on the floor.

It will be a very big event, and the organizers are hoping that the show will draw people from all walks of life, from the well-to-do, to the poor.

But fashion will be the main theme, says Baligas editors.

It is about fashion and the idea of beauty and fashion.

It’s a very important thing.

We hope to inspire people to take pride in their bodies.

And to show off their creativity.

The editors hope that they can attract a lot of attention from the mainstream media.

But there are some things that are still unknown about this year’s fashion show.

For one, the dress code of the event will be strictly enforced.

Models will have to wear the latest fashion.

The organizers are also not planning on giving out any prizes to the models, instead encouraging the public to take part in the competition.

This is what the designers of VAM hope to change.

“It’s a big challenge for us to be part of a fashion festival.

But it’s also a great opportunity.

I hope to do something positive for the Indian people,” says Chantal Kaur, one of the designers.

She is part of VAMP, the Mumbai Fashion Institute.

Fashion magazine Vamp is one of India s biggest fashion magazines.

Its mission is to make India more beautiful and stylish.

And its fashion shows are the highlight.

Kaur says that the event should also attract the attention of the international fashion industry.

“They should come and visit our event.

This would be a great showcase for them,” says Kaur.

But what do the models think about this new fashion trend?

They are not too happy about the new trend.

“I think it’s too much of a trend for us.

I think it has a negative impact on the women.

It looks like we are wearing clothes from another country,” says one model.

Others, however, are not convinced.

“Why are you taking my clothes?

You can wear anything you want.

I just want to be independent,” says another model.

There is no doubt that fashion will continue to be an important part of India, and in the future, it will be an integral part of our society.

But the designers at V&amps hope that the change will take a long time.

“When I started out, I was just trying to make a living.

And I want to make my mark.

I want my work to be seen by a lot people,” explains Baliga of Vamp.

“But the fashion industry has changed so much, and we have to be aware of that,” she says.

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