How to be more like Audrey Hepburn – Fashion Insider

You know Audrey Hepbourn.

You know her.

She is the one who makes you feel like you can be anything, no matter how small.

She’s the one that is the biggest influence on fashion, but she’s also the most underrated.

Audrey Hepbourne is a timeless icon, and it’s easy to see why.

The American icon has been at the forefront of fashion trends for decades, but it’s not hard to see her influence being felt across the world.

Read on to discover the top 10 tips for becoming more like the American icon.1.

Look like you know what you want1.

Audrey herself often used the term “I’m not like that” when talking about her own style.

It was a way to say that she was not like the typical woman who dressed like she was in the 50s, 60s and 70s.2.

Make sure you know who you are, and how to act like oneYou are the one you want to be.

Audrey was an activist and feminist, and in the 1960s she was one of the first women to speak out about her personal struggles with breast cancer and the sexual harassment she faced as a young woman in the fashion industry.

As a fashionista, you can’t go into a business and be too confident.

You have to look yourself in the mirror, and make sure you are a confident person.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is or what your age is, you should be yourself.


Get yourself a sense of styleWhat Audrey Hepcbs style looked like in the 60s.

The fashionistas of the day were the most sophisticated, but they were also not the only ones who were inspired by her.

Her influence was felt across a wide range of industries, from fashion to entertainment to sport.4.

Don’t be afraid to stand outThe most famous model in the world is now famous for her looks, and Audrey Hepborough has always been one of fashion’s most influential figures.

So, what did the legendary model have to say about her style?

She said, “It’s not about what’s fashionable, it’s about being yourself.

You should be confident and you should feel comfortable, not embarrassed.”5.

Look for the perfect balance of style and functionIf you’re looking to look like Audrey, then look for the right balance between style and functionality.

You’ll find Audrey in everything from heels to dresses to pants, and you’ll also find plenty of timeless style in the pockets of her clothing.

Audrey also has a knack for being a versatile designer, which can be great if you’re on a budget or want something a little more casual.6.

Look your best on stageIt’s a good idea to wear a classic look when you go to a fashion show, but Audrey Hepbs is famous for wearing more contemporary styles and colors.

So you can still dress her up and be the Audrey Hepborne you know and love.7.

Dress like a woman of the clothYou’re not the most confident person around, but you can dress a little confident and show your personality in your own way.

Audrey had a knack of dressing up, which made it easy for her to fit in with her peers.

She often dressed up for a performance or fashion show with a wig and makeup, or even a wig, to show her confidence.

She also wore her hair in a ponytail, and a lot of the women of her era were more than happy to dress up.8.

Have fun with the hat you choose7.

Know your limitsThere’s no reason you can only be Audrey Hepworth in one way.

There are so many great designers out there that are not only fashion icons, but are also fantastic role models and great role models for their children.

You can always make your own mark on the fashion world.


Be a model, not just a fashion iconThe greatest compliment a fashion model can receive is to be the person who makes the models feel good.

So don’t be the model who makes everyone else feel good, especially when you’re dressing for a show.

Look to the other models in the room, not the models themselves.


Know that you can have a career in fashion, tooMany of Audrey’s biggest fans still call themselves fashionistas today, and she’s one of their biggest ambassadors.

Audrey has made her mark in fashion through her influence on the style of fashion for decades.

So there is no reason why you can never have a fashion career.

Find the balance between being stylish and being comfortable, and if that’s not possible, just be yourself and do it the right way.