Reddit’s new “Old-School” drink menu is on its way

Reddit is rolling out a new drink menu for its users, the first time in the company’s history it’s done so.

The company has long been a popular place for users to discuss products and ask questions about how they work, but the move is aimed at boosting the brand with a younger, more tech-savvy userbase.

Users will have a chance to try a few drinks on the menu, such as the popular Old-School IPA and the popular Fruit Punch, while other drinks like the New England Cider will be available on the site.

Users can now search for products by name, or just type in a keyword like “old fashioned” and you’ll be taken to a section of the menu for the product’s name.

You can then search for the ingredients for the drink using the “search for” icon at the top of the page, or type in the word “old-school” and “New-England cider” to get the ingredients list.

The new drink page will be displayed on the main site, as well as on the “new-york” tab in the app.

Users are encouraged to post any questions they have about their drink or brand on the subreddit, and it will appear on the app when it’s ready to be published.

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has been talking about the drink menu’s launch for quite some time, and the company is now hoping to get more users on board as a result.

“We want to get people using Reddit to be more excited about their products, and we’re thrilled that they’re starting to take interest in the site,” Wong told TechCrunch.

“It’s just one of the things we’ve been talking a lot about in the last year.

We’re not ready to share the exact launch date yet, but it will be announced soon,” he added.

Wong said that Reddit will not be able to show the full drink menu until the first half of 2019.