How much does the NFL get from the Olympics?

How much do the NFL gets from the Olympic Games?

The IOC has spent $60 million on the Games.

How much is the IOC getting?

The answer is not clear.

The IOC did not respond to questions from USA TODAY Sports.

The organization has been criticized by some sports experts for not doing enough to prevent fraud.

But the Games are still worth millions of dollars to the U.S. and other countries because of the massive economic benefits, according to Olympic officials.

“We think the Games will be a huge economic engine for the United States and other nations in the world,” said Tom Glynn, executive director of the International Olympic Committee.

The U.K. has not invested a penny in the Games and the U,S.

did not participate in the last two Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1988 and London in 2012.

The cost of hosting the Olympics in 2020 is estimated at $2.2 billion, including the cost of the venues and the Olympic torch.

The International Olympic committee did not return phone calls and emails seeking comment.

USA TODAY sports writers Dan Hanzus and Eric Yoder contributed to this report.

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