Cohen, Taylor are both fashion optical stars, but different players in their respective fields

By Alex Gans article Cohen’s clothing brand, Fashion Optical, has a long history of building strong brands in emerging markets.

He has been a leader in the apparel business in China, where his clothes are used by celebrities and elite athletes.

Taylor is the latest in a long line of fashion optical and high fashion superstars who have become the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry, earning millions of dollars in ad campaigns.

Their success in these markets has given them a platform for visibility in the US and abroad.

The rise of fashion brands is no longer limited to the US, and the popularity of fashion products like fashion plates has been growing in other countries.

Taylor and Cohen have both developed high-end fashion brands that have become part of the global fashion ecosystem.

Cohen was the first to make a fashion optical company his own in 2006, and Taylor has been at the forefront of the high fashion industry for more than two decades.

Taylor and Cohens success is rooted in the fact that their designs are designed to fit the body type that consumers want, according to Fashion Optical CEO and co-founder, Steve Cohen.

“When we design clothes, we try to find the perfect balance between functionality and style,” he said.

Coheens clothes have been popular on American streets, and it is now easier than ever to buy high-quality clothing for men, women, and children.

The co-founders of the company have built up a loyal fan base of customers around the world, and they have continued to make money by producing high-fashion clothes and selling them on their own websites.

The Cohen and Taylor brands are designed for different purposes.

Taylor is known for his elegant designs that emphasize feminine elements and appeal to a wide range of customers, while Cohen designs are geared towards high-class men.

Cohemens fashion optical brands include the Vogue, Fenty, and Prada collections.

Fashion Optical sells its clothes online and in boutiques.

In addition to Taylor and cohens clothing line, Cohen also has his own fashion eyewear line called Vogue Eyewear, which is designed for women, men, and kids.

The line is based on Cohens signature design and features his signature design sunglasses.

In February 2017, Cohe and Cohes fashion optical collection sold out in just three days.

Cohes brand is also the subject of a high-profile fashion campaign.

A photo from the ad campaign shows Taylor wearing a pair of sunglasses while walking through a forest with a group of children.

Taylor says he has been approached by fashion brands all over the world.

“We’re all looking to make it happen,” he says.

“I think it’s just a matter of time before there are a lot of high-caliber brands coming into fashion.”

Taylor and the Cohemans fashion optical line has gained global attention in the past few years.

In January 2017, Taylor appeared on a “The View” to promote the campaign.

The following month, the pair hosted a fashion photoshoot at the Playboy Mansion, which was shot by Taylor and his son, Justin.

Taylor also appeared on the cover of Vogue’s Fall 2017 issue, which featured a collection of Cohe’s clothing.

Taylor has continued to expand the fashion optical business in recent years.

He recently launched a new line of clothing designed to cater to the needs of the fashion consumer.

Taylor said he was inspired by the style of high fashion that he sees in celebrities and the fashion world, including Taylor Swift.

“It was an incredible experience.

It’s one thing to see the models in a high fashion magazine, but to actually have them wear these clothes in a reality show, that is a very different experience,” he added.

“They have to wear these clothing pieces that are so incredibly expensive.”

Cohen is currently in the process of launching his own high-priced fashion line, the Fashion Optical Foundation.

Cohens clothing line is focused on the needs and needs of fashion consumers.

“In terms of our business model, we’ve been doing it for a while now, and we think we can get better,” he explained.

Cohels fashion optical brand is a new business model.

Coherens apparel is a collection that consists of apparel items made by Cohen that he sells directly to consumers.

The garments are sold through Cohen sites, such as Fashion Optical.

The products are sold by the hour, and can be found on clothing racks at sporting goods stores, department stores, and at fashion-forward clothing stores like Ulta.

Coherence, a Cohen website, sells Cohen clothing items.

The site features exclusive content that Cohen sells to fashion consumers on his website.

Cohet’s clothing is also sold directly to the fashion consumers through the Cohen site.

Cohenders website also includes links to other Cohen-owned clothing sites, including Cohen Fashion Optical and Coheed’s