When fashion meets the real world, it’s the right fit

The real-world wear of a fashion designer, or the clothing made by the designer in the real-life, is an art form, and it’s no surprise the best dressers in the world have a knack for designing clothes that look just right.

So it’s a bit of a mystery why the designers of some of the most iconic fashion brands are the ones who can’t quite match the designs on screen, and what’s behind that.

Here’s what you need to know about how they make the best fashion decisions.


The best designers of the world: They’re not just designers, they’re fashion experts.

And they have their own style guide.

They have their standards, and they’re very, very good at keeping their standards low and to the point.

Here are the best of the best.


Diane von Furstenberg Diane von Fuerstenberg is the CEO of Chanel and a very, highly respected fashion icon.

Her career spanned from the 1970s to the present day.

In 2003, she founded the fashion-inspired brand Chanel & Guerrillas, and has built an impressive line of luxury brands, including Hermès, Versace, Versailles, and more.

Her current collection of shoes and accessories, Chanel M, is considered the most expensive in the company.


Yves Saint Laurent Yves is a fashion icon for a reason.

He was the first to take couture as seriously as it should be.

And for good reason.

His work in the 1970’s and 1980’s inspired many generations of designers to make their fashion and lifestyle choices based on style, and he was one of the first designers to bring a couture couture approach to the world.

His fashion style is more contemporary, and less couture-centric.

In 2012, he released the first collection of Yves L’Oréal Paris.

The collection included the Yves St. Laurent collection, which is a mix of the traditional French style with a modern twist.


Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren is known for its minimalism and the attention to detail that it requires.

In the 1950s, he designed the first high-end jeans.

In 1980, he redesigned them, and today, he’s known for his minimalist designs.

His line of shoes has always been known for their softness, and his new line of Ralph Lauren T-shirts is known as the Ralph Lauren Slim Line.


Chanel A Chanel is a global fashion brand that is responsible for many of the fashion trends that we now see.

Chanels has its roots in France, but the brand began in Switzerland and Germany.

Chaners clothes are designed to evoke the mood and feel of the times.

They use minimalism to make everything fit together with minimal detailing.

The lines that Chanel creates are very subtle, and so they are timeless.

The line has been called the most elegant in the fashion world.


Dolce &amp.

Gabbana Dolce and Gabbanna are synonymous with couture, and the pair is known to be the most respected in the business.

Their work has always put the customer first, and is recognized as a must-have for any couture collector.

Dolces and Gazzanecas collections have always been extremely sophisticated and refined, and have been recognized as the best in the industry.

They’ve also won multiple awards, including the 2016 Fendi Fashion Award.


Louis Vuitton Louis Vuits designs have influenced the way that designers approach fashion in general.

In 2006, Louis Vuites first couture collection was launched, which included a line of high-quality men’s shoes that made him famous in the male fashion world for his designs.

These shoes, as well as the collection of men’s coats and accessories that followed, were so beautiful and unique that they were instantly recognizable to the fashion industry.

These pieces, as Louis Vuities couture collections, have become a timeless piece of fashion.


Givenchy Givenchy’s work has been considered to be among the best, with their high-fashion collections.

Their collections have never been over the top, but are designed with a purpose.

They want to be timeless, and timeless means beautiful.

They also want to show their best work in a timeless way.

The designer has always wanted to make his work beautiful, and to create something that’s going to last a lifetime.

The collections that they create have been admired for their elegance and minimalism.

8. Louis Arpès Louis ArPès is a couturier and designer who is known worldwide for his couture creations.

His signature styles are the sleek lines that are designed for men and women.

ArPés has been a staple in the Paris fashion scene for over 20 years, and now has a line that is considered to have the best collection in the couture world.


Versace Versace is known mainly for its couture suits and high-street collections