What’s the new name of the UK’s fashion chain Oui?

A lot has changed in the fashion world in the past few years, but the brand’s new name is all about the old school, according to a new report.

The new name for the UK-based clothing brand Oui is alluding to the tradition of vintage clothing, as well as a more modern look.

The new name, which was unveiled on Wednesday by the fashion house Taylor Swift’s label, is a nod to the old-fashioned drink Oui, which first emerged in England in the 1800s, and its iconic brand, as both have been called in the UK since the 1800’s.

“The brand has been called a little over a century ago, but we wanted to reflect that, not to be a reference to the brand itself,” the Taylor Swift brand team wrote in a blog post.

“It was a simple idea to do.”

The brand’s website notes that the name comes from the Oui brand name, a word meaning “to be dressed up”.

“The Oui name is a combination of two words meaning to be dressed or dressed up, which is a reference of our vintage and old-school heritage,” the post reads.

“It’s a nod that we are both the same brand.

We’ve got a history that’s been in the making for over 100 years and our name reflects that.”

The new brand is expected to launch its first UK store on May 18.