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Fashion designer and blogger Lauren Goodfriend is known for her quirky style and a playful sense of humor.

Her style guide is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fashion from vintage and contemporary to basics and modern.

She has an impressive list of brands to choose from and is especially well-known for her collection of retro and modern style, which she has dubbed her “fashion nova outfit.”

Goodfriend, who works as a freelance fashion writer, is also a member of the Fashion & Design Institute, a nonprofit organization that helps fashion designers create more accessible, accessible, and fun products.

“I’m a designer who believes in making things accessible,” Goodfriend told The Huffington Post.

“If you want to be able to afford an outfit, then I want you to have something to show for it.

I want your style to be something you can wear for an event and not have to worry about it.” 

In addition to the fashion novas, Goodfriend’s outfit guide also includes a few other trends that have been gaining popularity in the fashion world.

“You can’t go wrong with a dress with a flower pattern on it,” Goodkind told HuffPost.

“The best thing about the flower pattern is that it makes you look like a super-cool, super-talented flower girl.” 

The outfit guide is an homage to the vintage, retro, and modern eras, and Goodkind has added a few more items from her collection that are inspired by those eras.

“For the 80s, there were a lot of women wearing dresses that looked like these floral dress shirts with flower patterns,” she said.

“Then there was this sort of floral skirt and this kind of floral crop top and these things were more for the guys.

So I added some more of those things.” 

 For women, Goodkind added, “the floral pattern was a way to represent the time period in which it was made.

There were a bunch of women doing this.

It was a cool thing to have that for the men, too.

So they got to go back to the 70s, and it was cool.” 

When asked what the most interesting trends in fashion in 2020 are, Goodsaid she likes to say, “The things that have the most relevance for today.” 

Goodfriend’s style guide focuses on women’s fashion from the 80’s to today, but she also lists fashion trends that are still relevant.

“There are things that I still see and I still like,” she told HuffPost, like the rise of the womenswear industry.

“What I really love about that era is that there was a lot more of a women’s movement going on, which I think was an important shift in the women’s space.

So it’s a big influence on what I do.” 

“I think the trend is that you can’t wear things that are too formal anymore,” she continued.

“It’s all about being comfortable, so when you’re shopping you want something that you feel comfortable in.

 While she has seen more and more trends change, she said, “I do think the style of the 80 years is what really sets the trend.” “

And then, when you see things that look modern, you can go for something like that,” she added. 

 While she has seen more and more trends change, she said, “I do think the style of the 80 years is what really sets the trend.” 

While it may not be the most relevant fashion guide in the world today, Goodgood said, there are some trends that still resonate.

“Women have been doing things like this for a while now, so that’s always going to be an important thing to think about,” she explained. 

The fashion designer and stylist said she has a love for vintage, vintage, and vintage, because she loves the way the 80ies and 90s influenced her fashion style. 

As for what’s in store for the next decade?

“I don’t know,” she laughed. 

Goodgood also has a couple of recommendations for men’s fashion.

“One is that vintage is kind of a timeless thing,” she revealed.

“So I think there’s some really great designs out there.

And the other is, if I could, I would go back and buy some vintage. 

I mean, we’re at the point now where there are so many great brands, so I think it’s really important that people start paying attention to what they’re wearing.

You know, if they’re really trying to show off, that’s what they should be wearing.” 

You can learn more about Lauren Goodgood’s fashion style guide here. 

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