Nordstrom suspends sales of ‘novelty dress’ after backlash

By Kristi Kornfeld and Sarah ParnassCNN The American Apparel chain on Wednesday suspended sales of “novelties dress” — a $120 dress with a “Novelty” logo on the front.

The dress, which comes in pink and blue and is available at Nordstrom’s online store, is available in men’s sizes 6-16, but women’s sizes are $50, and men’s dresses are $90.

The dress was first launched at the company’s fall sales last fall, and was designed to be worn by “fashion-forward women” and included a pink fabric, a sequin pattern and a pink lace overlay.

The dress is now available in a variety of sizes.

“We are taking this opportunity to extend our sincere apologies to all women who have experienced this fashion faux pas and are sincerely sorry for the embarrassment this has caused,” said the statement from Nordstrom.

As we announced this fall, we are rolling out an assortment of new designer dresses that celebrate diversity.

We are proud to announce a range of new styles, including pink, blue, pink-striped, and sequin-patterned dresses.

At the end of the day, women’s and men are the consumers of our fashion choices.

We are committed to helping women and girls thrive in their personal, professional and professional-industry experiences.

We apologize for any offense this has brought to our customers and look forward to working with you and our colleagues in the future to address this issue.