Italy’s new team dress up in new T-shirts

Sport Italia – New Juventus T-shirt and shorts – T-Shirts: Milan (blue), Roma (green) – Shorts: Napoli (yellow) article The Juventus squad has been wearing the brand’s new Tshirts in a bid to make them more appealing to younger fans.

They will wear them in their first match at home against Udinese.

The brand’s chief executive, Stefano Domenicali, said the jerseys would be “more attractive to young people”.

“We want to make it more exciting for them, especially those who are coming from the lower middle class.

We wanted to show our younger players that they can still have a future and that they are not finished yet,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

The Juventus shirt features a simple geometric design, which is reminiscent of a traditional Italian t-shirt.

It features a geometric logo on the back, which has been taken from a popular Italian design called the Turcata font.

“It’s a bit like an old fashioned recipe: a t-shirts, a shorts, a pair of socks and a tambourine,” the brand explained on its website.

“For the younger fans, it will be a good idea to take advantage of this chance and wear the new shirts.”

Juventus have been training on the streets of Turin for the past week.

They are expected to play Udinese on Tuesday night.