Why do some barbie dolls have small eyes?

I had a hard time coming up with a good reason why some barbies have small eyelids.

I guess I have been looking at them too much, I am guessing I am looking at the eyes on some barbettes.

I am also not convinced the small eyes are caused by a problem with the eyelids, I think that is just because the eyelid is so small.

One of the reasons I started looking at barbies was to see if they had small eyelid issues.

The eyelid on the Barbie doll is a little smaller than mine.

Barbie dolls with large eyes can be very expensive.

Here is a comparison of the Barbie Dolls eyelid.

Barbies eyelids are usually black.

So I was surprised to see some dolls with small eyeliddes.

These dolls are probably the most expensive of the barbies.

If you have small eye issues, it is a good idea to look at your eyelid as well.

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Barbie fashion enthusiasts How the girls of Barbies fashion show turned fashion into a lifestyle Barbies doll eye problems: Barbies eyelids A few months back, I got the chance to visit the Barbies Doll Eye Museum at the Barbierie Fashionista Doll Museum in Sydney.

They have been showing dolls and dolls with big eyelids for many years now.

As I got closer to the museum I noticed there were some new items on display.

A new doll, a Barbian doll, is on display alongside the doll that had the smallest eyelid in the doll show. This is a Doll with eyelids as small as mine. 

The eyelids on these dolls are so small, it makes them very difficult to see.

Even the smallest eye on a doll is usually the one that is smaller than a regular eye.

In addition to the doll with the smallest eyes, there are also dolls with eyelid size issues.