Barbie fashion pack ‘delighted’ with ‘fantastic’ box

The box includes five full-size dolls of Barbie, including a “girl with a dollhouse” doll, and a girl with a pink dollhouse doll.

Each doll is made to order.

The dollhouse is not included in the box, but it is included in one of the accessories, including the Barbie figurines.

The accessories come in the form of “bags, hats, gloves, necklaces and pendants.”

The dolls have no prices.

The Barbie dolls are $1,000 to $3,000, and the dolls with pink dolls cost $3.50.

The boxes also have an array of other accessories, such as a “special edition” Barbie doll, a “bundled set” of Barbie dolls, and two “freebie” dolls, including “a little boy.”

The box was not available at the store, according to the store.

“Barbie’s” Barbie Dolls are among the most popular dolls in the world, according a 2016 survey.

The company announced last year that it was revamping the line in the hopes of selling more dolls and that it would expand its range of dolls to include more women.

In April, the company said it was looking at adding additional dolls.

Barbie was founded in 1966 by Linda, a former fashion model, and her husband, Robert, a New York-based artist and designer, according the company.

She has since become the most recognizable American doll and a worldwide best-selling toy, according of the Toy Industry Association.

The dolls come in four colors, including yellow, orange, pink and blue.