Korean fashion company Express Fashion is buying Kogado

Express Fashion has bought Kogados new fashion label Kogadas for $2.5 million in cash.

The Kogadias new design has a “high-end look” and is a collaboration with Kogada’s CEO, Yoon Yoon, who has also been featured in the magazine.

It’s the second fashion label in the past week that has bought into Kogads brand.

Last week, Kogaden had an inkling of a deal with American designer Lululemon when it purchased the designer’s womenswear brand, which has been selling in the US.

Lululemans founder and CEO Lauren Goode said at the time the deal was “very good news” for the brand.

The brand has also sold apparel and accessories under its own name, as well as a collection of its own designer clothing and accessories.

Ms Goode confirmed the deal on Friday afternoon.

Kogadas’ latest design has been praised by fashion bloggers for its high-end, futuristic look.

“I love the concept,” Ms Goode told the Wall Street Journal last week.

“[It’s] something that’s so exciting that people will be looking for it.”

It also seems that Kogaderas new designers will have to fight for a spot in the fashion industry.

One of the first designers to join Kogades is Lulululeman’s Kim Woo Hwa, who will work alongside fashion designer Kim Dong Hyun.

She is the second designer to join the brand, following the appointment of Ms Hwa by Kogadia, in June.

“Kim Woo Hwang is really going to make a difference,” Ms Hwang told the WSJ.

“She’s a very good friend of mine.

I really look up to her.

We’ll see what the next phase is.”

Lulu, another Kogadian brand, also recently hired a designer to work alongside it, while Kim Yoo Won, the brand’s chief creative officer, also worked with the Kogadan designers.

There is also a young designer, Park Yoon Ji, who joined the brand earlier this year.

Mr Kim said the younger designers would bring fresh ideas to the brand and help the brand to build “a new future”.

“We have so many young designers who are working at Kogaders new creative side and are really inspiring the brand,” he said.

“We will make the brand a new leader in women’s fashion, and I’m confident that we can do that.”

In recent years, KOGADIAS fashion labels have sold more than 200,000 pairs of Kogadic clothing, shoes and accessories to customers.

At the time of publication, the KOGADA brand had sold more merchandise than any other fashion brand.