Viva Fashion Fair: Viva Beauty: Beauty and Fashion

Fashion Fair Viva has teamed up with Beauty and Beauty Salon Viva to bring the first Viva beauty show to South Korea.

Viva’s Viva Fair 2017 in Seoul will run from May 23-27. 

“Viva is thrilled to have this unique opportunity to showcase our unique and innovative Viva fashion collections and products.

We will strive to be the first to bring Viva and its fashion to the global market,” said Eva B. Ho, Viva CEO and founder. 

Viva Beauty has launched its Beauty and Hair Salon Vivid collection to global customers in the last few years, featuring a wide range of skin-care products. 

The Viva cosmetics company’s first global beauty show is set to take place at the International Beauty & Hire Festival on May 29-30 in Seoul. 

South Korean beauty brands Viva, Beauty and Hire, Veva and the Viva Family are the biggest players in the international beauty and haircare industry. 

At Viva fairs, beauty brands showcase their products and their newest offerings, as well as showcase their own brands. 

In 2018, Vivas brand was the biggest seller in the cosmetics industry with more than 5 million units sold. 

Ahead of the Seoul fair, VIVA Beauty will also announce a series of products for international customers. 

On May 30, Viva Beauty will unveil a collection of skin creams for Asian consumers, while on June 6, the brand will unveil an innovative new facial mask with a pH-adjusting base. 

Other highlights of Viva Viva 2017 include the launch of its Viva Hairline Collection, Vivo Beauty, Vives skin care and VIVAs innovative products for the global beauty market.