Which of the Italian fashion icons are worth seeing in 2018?

Italian fashion icon Giuliana Rancic is the latest high fashion icon to be added to the list of people who will be on display this month.

The 38-year-old has become a celebrity in Italy with her signature dresses, signature shoes and her signature hair styles.

But as the fashion industry heats up, the Italian brand Rancico is facing a new challenge.

The Italian brand has lost out on fashion design jobs due to its low profits and poor brand recognition, according to Italian fashion industry experts.

A survey by Italian fashion house Pirelli showed the brand lost 1,823 jobs last year.

In the last year, the brand has seen its sales decrease by 9.5 percent, according a report by the business school of the University of Padua.

Italian fashion brand GiulianaRancic was among the top-selling brands in Italy last yearSource: Pirellis Italiana via AlamyAlamy”The trend is definitely not going away.

We can expect the trend to continue.

The current level of the profits of Italian brands is a serious issue.

I don’t see any reason for the company to lose the jobs of its employees.

This is not good for the brand,” said Andrea Gagliardi, the head of the Pirello Italiana fashion consultancy.

AlamyItalian fashion house Giuliana, which has been one of the top sellers of high-end fashion in the world, is facing the challenge of attracting fashion designers and fashion designers who will work there.

Italian clothing designer Stefano Lazzaro is among those who have already been offered a role.